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Methodology for analyzing of problems of transport

S.I. Shliokhin
80,00 Р


S.I. Shliokhin is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof. at Moscow State University Ways of Communications e-mail:


Analyzed is the problem of transport as one fundamental in training of students of transport high schools, as well as in training post-graduates of all transport specialties. The author presents and substantiated non-traditional form of solving of the named problem, basing on philosophical understanding of transport as actual subject of modern practice. Stressed is, that the problem is of system and concrete historical character, in which theory and modern history are being re-vitalized not from the past, but from the present and the future. The author briefly, as possible is as to the volume of the article, defines basic principles and approaches to defining regularities of development of transport and examining of corresponding process, that is corresponding with the content of modern discussions about “historical truth” of philosophy and culturology of philosophical ideas of analyzed theme.

Key words: transport, world of transport, methodology, research, history, single, general, peculiar.