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Analysis of experience in macro-sociological approach to intellectual history

V.I. Razumov
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V.I. Razumov is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof., head of sub-faculty at Omsk State University n.a. F.M. Dostoevsky e-mail:,


Presented is analytical review of the monograph “Ideas and intellectuals in the stream of history: macro-sociology, philosophy, science, and education” by N.S. Rozov, well known in Russia and abroad as a specialist of interdisciplinary humanitarian and social studies. Overview of leading ideas of the book about past and current state of intellectual history, as well as various scenario forecasts of future of science and education in Russia are given. Presented are critical remarks about limited approach appeal mainly to philosophy, as well as resolving power macro-sociological paradigms and world-system approach. The book by N.S. Rozov might be useful to sociologists, political scientists, social philosophers, specialists in military, economic and cultural history.

Key words: intellectuals, historical cycles, macro-sociology, science and education, specialists, philosophers, sociologists, political scientists, historians.



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