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Perspective directions in development of pedagogical education

V.A. Il’kov
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B.A. Il’kov is senior lecturer at Gomel State Technical University n.a. P.O. Sukhoy, Republic of Belarus e-mail:


Presented is the author’s analysis of potentially perspective directions of pedagogical education with the aim of breeding pedagogue of new type, being able to realization of innovative way of development of pedagogy. The author examines perspective optimal ways of development of forming and developing of pedagogical professionalism of teacher of new type, corresponding to the needs of innovative character of pedagogy. Noted is, that one of the most important factor of formation of pedagogue of new type appears to be reflexive culture. In that connection, the article characterizes basic components of reflexive culture of teacher of new generation. Also presented is the model of reflexive culture of future pedagogue, basing on which elaborated are potentially possible ways of development of such in the system of higher professional education.

Key words: pedagogical education, reflection, reflective culture, professional activity, game modeling, culture.



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