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Philosophical aspect of the process of education at high school

V.Ya. Portnykh
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V.Ya. Portnykh is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), honored prof. at Russian University of Cooperatives



Elaborated is the theme of philosophical aspect of training of students at higher educational institution. The author in detail examines such aspect of elaborating theme, as meaning, structure and functions of educational process, aim of training of high school’s students, content of education, in connection with what characterized are methods of training at higher educational institution with describing of corresponding forms of organization of educational process. Besides, examined is the process of management of educational pedagogical process. The author’s conclusion is made, that pedagogical management of educational process consists in development of thinking of students, formation of their active attitude towards reality, realization of cognitive, breeding, developing and controlling functions, as well as formation and development of students’ self-administration.

Key words: philosophical aspect, process of training of students, structure and functions of educational process, content of education, methods of training, organization of educational process.



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