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Popularity in science and education, Or what for nowadays to remember about Descartes

V.N. Zhukov
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V.N. Zhukov is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof. at State University of Administration



Examined is actual problem of so called “popularity” in science and education. In connection with the named problem, the author concretely analyzes scientific heritage of prominent French thinker Rene Descartes, with his greatly impact on development of number of directions of modern spheres of science, namely philosophy, mathematic, physic, physiology, reflectology, etc. Presented is detailed analysis in view of Descartes on development of science as to the problem of realization and self-realization of person and society. In that foreshortening, examined is one of the most aspects of the named problem, i.e. interconnection and intercourse of scientific truth and society, with demonstration of not only certain of them, but also of contradictive character of such interaction.

Key words: science, society, socialization of education.



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