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Self-management as base strategy of modern subject of cognition

A.B. Kurlov
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A.B. Kurlov is Dr.Sci. (Sociology), prof. at Ufa State Aviation Technical University



Presented is analysis of the problem of self-management as base strategy of modern cognition and concrete subject of such. In particular, discussed are questions of management of the process of formation and development of innovative knowledge. In connection with that, substantiated is the statute of self-management of innovative cognition as base strategy of subject of cognitive activity. The process of innovative cognition is being analyzing as non-equilibrium dynamic system with complex of contradictions between ratio and empirical, socio and ego beginnings of such. The author’s conclusion is made, that the named contradictions are being solved by realization of value-target priorities of cognition subject. Also substantiated are conditions and principles of self-management of the process of cognitive activity.

Key words: self-management of innovative cognitive process, object and subject of cognition, subject of cognition, conditions and principles of self-management of knowledge.



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