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Engineer in modern Russia: Lessons of professional dynasty. Interview with V.F. Shukhov, president of Shukhov’s temple’s fond by I.P. Popova

I.P. Popova
80,00 Р

УДК 378:62


I.P. Popova, interviewer, is Cand. Sci. (Sociology), leading scientific researcher at Institute of Sociology RAS e-mail:


Presented is reflection on the role of professional engineering dynasties in modern situation in interpretation by one of prominent representative of mamous Russian engineers Vladimir Grigorievich Shukhov. View on development as to engineering profession, connecting history of that family with history of the country, is of special interest under conditions, when resurgence of engineering profession is being significant aspect of resurgence of economics of Russia. Analyzing are problems, connecting with the statute of engineer in contemporary society, as well as activity of development of engineering profession, and the role in it’s process of the family and professional dynasties, as wel as engineering education.

Key words: statute of engineer, resurgence of engineering profession, development of engineering profession, professional dynasties.