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Educational role of cinema in training of foreign military persons in Russian language (example of the film “Gagarin. First in Space”)

Yu.G. Karpechenkova
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Yu.G. Karpechenkova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), senior lecturer at Military Academy of Army Air Defense of AF of the RF e-mail:  


Presented is description one of the most popular Russian films about the first cosmonaut of the planet “Gagarin. First in Space”. Elaborated are possibilities of it’s methodical use in the process of training y of foreign militaries in Russian language, and also for disclosure of linguistic value of cinema and it’s educational role in the pedagogical process. In detail described is well-organized training work with the film, incl. in the process of education, complemented thematic text material. The author makes conclusion, that using of authentic film of “Gagarin. First in Space” during lessons in Russian language among militaries increases effectiveness of forming of sociolinguistic, communicative, lingua-cultural competences, as well as develops ability to participation in cross-cultural and professional communications, and also improves image of Russia in the eyes of foreigners.

Key words: cinema, biography, Gagarin, cosmonaut, education, breeding, Russian as foreign language, speech, militaries.



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