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Training of doctor specialists in clinical laboratory diagnostics: problems and solutions

Yu.V. Emanuel, Yu.P. Kovalchuk, T.S. Emanuel, A.A. Potapchuk, V.L. Emanuel
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Yu.V. Emanuel is cand. of Medicine, assoc. prof.; Yu.P. Kovalchuk is cand. of Medicine; T.S. Emanuel is methodist; A.A. Potapchuk is doct. in Medicine, prof.; and V.L. Emanuel is doct. in Medicine, head of sub-faculty at First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University named after I.P. Pavlov e-mail:



Presented is description of the process of training at high schools of doctor specialists in clinical laboratorial diagnostics. Marked are principal problems of the named process and projected are ways for solution of them. Also characterized are getting in the period of training at intern / clinic study competences of young specialist, capable and ready for independent professional activity. Based on concrete example of the First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University, shown is value of the named competences for clinic laboratorial diagnostic as leading component of medicinal process with detailed description of concrete practice of showing up of survival of knowledge, gained at high school. Also exposed are basic methods for training of doctor specialists in clinical laboratorial diagnostic with characteristic of component of formation of corresponding complex of knowledge.

Key words: doctor specialist, clinical laboratorial diagnostic, intern / clinic study, professional competences, problems of beginner doctors.



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