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Educational scientific activity of student as the basis of personally oriented approach to education (social-philosophical opinion)

S.B. Shitov
80,00 Р

S.B. Shitov is doct. in Philosophy, prof. at

Moscow State Technological University “STANKIN”


Analyzed is problematic of higher education, foreshortening determination of direction of cultural and socio-economic development of society. As to the author, world educational space contributes to adequacy of content and level of higher education needs of economy, politics, socio-cultural sphere of society, training specialists and development of universities. Noted is that efficiency and quality of social production are beginning directly depend on educational and research activities of student, principal aim of which is in guaranteeing training of specialists for various industries and economics, as well as in realization of public needs in persons with higher education. Given is characteristic of modern specialist, who must be trained so, that always correspond to the progress of science and technology. Conclusion is made, that personally oriented education opens opportunity for each student to realize himself in educational scientific activity, taking into account his aptitudes and interests, capacities and abilities, value orientations and subjective experience.

Key words: higher education, educational and research activity, personally oriented approach to education.


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