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Peculiarities of socialization of adolescents in migrant families

H.B. Guliyeva

UDC 316.35-043.8/.9-054.7   


Hafiza B. Guliyeva, doctoral student at Azerbaijan University of Tourism and Management, e-mail:


The analysis of the dynamics of the process of socialization of adolescents in migrant families showed that marital status had an exceptionally great impact on their integration into society and formation as a person. The process of growing up was accompanied by material and spiritual and moral hardships associated with the loss of the usual living environment, the breakdown of the usual stereotypes about family and kinship relations and social ties in general. At the same time, the peculiarities of the age period of adolescents influenced the formation of intellectual activity and new attitudes of personality. Ultimately, the ideas in their own minds about the status of a teenager as an internally displaced person have reached a new level associated with a higher assessment of their capabilities.

Key words: migrant family, social conditions, adolescent socialization, internally displaced persons, socio-psychological qualities.



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