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Computer graphic in educational space of restaurateur architects

T.M. Stepanskaya , L.N. Turlyun
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T.M. Stepanskaya is Dr.Sci. (Art criticism), prof., head of sub-faculty e-mail: ; and L.N. Turlyun is Cand.Sci. (Art criticism), doc. e-mail:

at Altai State University


Examined is the role of computer graphics and computer technologies in training restaurateur architects. The authors analyzes training of bachelors in the direction of “Reconstruction and restoration of architectural heritage”. Attention is focused on application of computer graphics in reconstruction of architectural constructions. Characterized are graphic programs, applied in reconstruction and restoration of architectural constructions, using by creation of archive of architectural monuments in digital format. Attention is accentuated on the need of development of new technologies, knowledge of which widens existing receptions, supplements and enriches them. Also allocated are two approaches, providing creation of volume models of objects of architecture and town planning.

Key words: computer graphics, computer technologies, reconstruction, restoration, architectural heritage, education.



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