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Use of business game in frames of discipline “Investment analysis”

N.A. Markova, D.A. Markov
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N.A. Markova is methodist of department High School of Business and Economy e-mail:; and D.A. Markov is Cand.sci. (Economics), doc. of department Management and Marketing, e-mail:

both at Perm National Research Polytechnic University


Presented is analysis of approaches to business game, given is it’s characteristic, offered is the author’s definition of business game, and also described are advantages of business game before others methods of active training. The authors propounded a hypothesis, gave characteristic of target group of contingent, make preparing work. Experiment was conducted to prove results of the experiment. At the formatting stage of the experiment, the authors spent business game, determined game and pedagogic aims, created methodological support and established game rules. At the control stage of the experiment, exam was exercised. The authors implemented comparison analyses between stating and control stages, which showed effectiveness of using of business game among students. On the basis of the research, some conclusions is make.

Key words: business game, game model, simulation model, active learning methods, group form of training, investment analysis.



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