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Life values, forming in university space

V.A. Mukin
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V.A. Mukin is Cand.Sci. (Phys. & Math.), doc., the head of Department of philosophy and methodology of science at Chuvash State University.



Elaborated is actual theme of development of life values of students’ contingent, forming in modern university educational space. In particular, attention of the author is being directed towards study of correlation connections between different factors in development of modern society, carried out in the space of modern higher education. Projecting on the system of education, the author makes conclusion, that domination of socio-cultural factors in life space of person embraces disposition of entire personality, i.e. value orientations of person, motives and interests of his life activity. With using concrete and theoretical examples, the author makes conclusion, that prognosis tendencies of development of society are being based on value notions and cultural traditions, forming in educational space.

Key words: interaction between person and society, correlation connections, cultural universals, educational space, human values, phenomena of creativity, reproduction of sociality.



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