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Pedagogical designing of formation of readiness of future bachelor for labor activity during educational process at high school

T.A. Martirosova
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T.A. Martirosovа is cand. Pedagogy, doc. at

Siberian State Technological University



Elaborated is the problem of formation of readiness of future bachelor for labor activity during educational process at higher school, solution of which is one of decisive factors of success of modernization process of the state and society in general. In program documents of the government of the RF as to educational policy emphasized is the need, that modern experts should be provided with necessary knowledge, competences, behavior models, ability to adapt for constantly changing requirements of technical progress, that form their readiness for work. In article pedagogical design of formation of readiness for labor activity of future bachelor. In the article presented and substantiated are stages of pedagogical projecting of the process of formation of future bachelor’s readiness for labor activity during the process of high school through the potential of professionally applied physical training in accordance with the direction of his future labor activity.

Key words: readiness, projecting, professionally applied physical training, forecasting, modeling, designing, bachelor, educational process, labor activity, content.



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