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System of tutoring at high school: what is to be done

Y.S. Ezroh NB! The author has violated the code of author's ethics. ВНИМАНИЕ!!! Нарушение авторской этики
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Yu.S. Ezrokh is cand of Economics, doc at Novosibirsk State University of Economy and Management



On the basis of questionnaire, carried out by the author among students of first and second years at one of high school of the city of Novosibirsk, elaborated are problems of modern tutoring. For that in formalized form are examined opinions of students as to necessity of tutoring on initial years of education, functional responsibilities of tutors, peculiarities in conducting unifying of group, propaganda of health way of life, cultural enlightenment, expediency of frequency of establishment of conducting tutoring hours, attraction of parents to solvation of students’ problems, totality of personal and business qualities, which the tutor should be in possession. Determined are current evaluations of the level of fulfillment by tutors their functional duties. Examined are possibilities of using of institute of tutors as supplement to institute of curatorship. Also presented are means for realization of students’ self-government, as well as administrative innovations with the aim of raising of effectiveness of fulfillment of tutoring functions.

Key words: curator, students of the first year, tutor, adaptation of students.



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