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Evaluation of effectiveness of youth policy as to information of questionnaires of students auditorium of the Seaside region

N.S. Martyshenko
80,00 Р

N.S. Martyshenko is cand. of Economics, prof. at Vladivostok State University



Examined is the problem of effectiveness of youth policy, based on example of concrete region of Russia. Importance of the named theme is being conditioned by the fact, that tempo and direction of development of Russia would be depend on position of youth in social and political and economic life, it’s confidence in tomorrow and it’s activity. Concrete sociological researches as to the named theme would open possibility to define principal vectors of state youth policy. In connection with that, right after acceptance by the government of the RF of new concept of youth policy up to the year of 2025 at Vladivostok state university of economy and service interrogation of students on effectiveness of youth policy realized in the country has been made. In the research presented is analysis of the data, becoming from questionnaires of students’ auditorium of Seaside region.

Key words: youth policy, political activity of youth, questionnaire, data analysis, Seaside region.



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