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On the Federal target program of development of education for the years of 2016 — 2020

S.Yu. Kostyleva, S.V. Petrova, N.E. Popovicheva, A.M. Allagulov, S.Yu. Neklyudov, N.N. Kalmykov
80,00 Р


S.Yu. Kostyleva is cand. of Economics, doc.


S.V. Petrova is researcher


N.E. Popovicheva is cand. of Economics, doc., head of department


A.M. Allagulov is doct. in Pedagogics, doc., head of sub-faculty


S.Yu. Neklyudov is doct. in Philology, prof., head of laboratory


N.N. Kalmykov is cand. of Sociology, director of Expert-analysis center


Russian Presidential Academy of National Economic and Public Administration (RANEPA)


Analyzed are results of realization of the Federal target program of development of education for the years of 2011—2015, and also exposed are the most complex problems and trends of strong character in development of pre-school, general, supplementary and higher education in the RF. Highlighted are urgent issues, which should be considered by development of the Federal target program of education for the years of 2016—2020, such as the system of evaluation of quality of education, integration of spheres of work and learning, the process of adopting new standards of professional education, models of interaction between education and real sector of economy, settlement of issue of changes in cost of educational services as to granting student with academic leave, risks of administering effective contract. Also a number of measures to ensure effective achievement of the named objectives of development of professional education in Russia is presented.

Key words: system of education, educational process, quality of education, access to education, educational standards, pedagogical cadres.



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