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Analysis of project descriptions for raising collective project finance using investment platforms

N.O. Trufanova, Yu.I. Butenko, Nare A. Avagyan, Elizaveta E. Sineva, Margarita Yu. Rogova
80,00 Р

UDC 334


Natalia O. Troufanova,

Ph.D., Associate Professor, Head of the Department “English for Instrument-making specialties”

at Bauman Moscow State Technical University,


 Iulia I. Butenko, Ph.D.,

Associate Professor of the Department of

“Romance and Germanic Languages”

at Bauman Moscow State Technical University,


Nare A. Avagyan,

Graduate student,


 Elizaveta E. Sineva,

Master, Department of Linguistics

At Bauman Moscow State Technical University,


Margarita Yu. Rogova,

Master of Bauman Moscow State Technical University,



The article focuses on crowdfunding as an effective method of raising money from a large number of people to finance student innovative projects. It shows that planning a crowdfunding campaign before launching it will help increase the chances of achieving the goal. The need for detailed market research and analysis of existing crowdfunding platforms before starting the project is highlighted. The advantages of the most popular Russian- and English-language crowdfunding platforms are identified. The key stages of creating a successful project are described, and marketing strategies for its development are offered. The results of a comparative analysis of Russian and English texts of the projects posted on popular crowdfunding platforms “Dobro” and “Gofundme” are given. Methodological recommendations for writing texts and designing infographics for crowdfunding projects for Russian- and English-language crowdfunding platforms are developed. It is shown that the key elements in creating a successful project are its title and description. The success of the project depends greatly on how the title of the project is given and how transparently the author’s intentions are reflected in the description of the project. A statistical analysis of the texts that attracted the largest number of investors is presented. The best values of the statistical parameters of the crowdfunding projects’ texts are identified. Recommendations on SEO promotion of websites for the implementation of successful crowdfunding campaigns are presented.

Key words: crowdfunding, successful project, social media, investment, English-language texts, Russian-language texts.




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