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Potential of sport orienteering in development and improving of physical and intellectual capabilities

V.V. Bugreev
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V.V. Bugreev is senior lecturer at Penza branch of Military Academy of Logistics n.a. army general A.V. Khrulyov e-mail:


Presented is the concept of sport orienteering, actual for self-development and self-improvement of person. Defined is the purpose of orienteering, as ability to determine somebody’s own location in the field or to choose direction of movement with the help of some landmarks. Thus, sport orienteering is a kind of activity, in which also demonstrated are physical and mental characteristics of a person, as it is associated with certain physical activity, skillful tactics and numerous techniques. Characterized are various existing types of sport orienteering, and described is their specifics. Conclusion is made, that named features are leading to the essence of the concept of orienteering, where high physical load is combined with intense mental activities.

Key words: orienteering, orientation, landmark, sport orienteering, training in physical culture, training of military specialists.



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