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Identification of leading Russian universities without profiles in Google Scholar Citation

V.M. Moskovkin, Yawei Liu, M.V. Sadovski
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V.M. Moskovkin is Dr.Sci. (Geography), prof. e-mail:; Yawei Liu is post-graduate student e-mail:; and M.V. Sadovsky is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. e-mail: at Belgorod State National Research University


Presented are results of analysis of near 300 top Russian universities for the period of July 2017 to July 2018, composing national ratings Expert RA and Interfax, haven’t profiles Google Scholar Citation (indicator Openness in rating Webometrics). Shown is, that from this number of universities in two years after starting of new methodology of calculation of rating Webometrics, 61 Russian universities (23% of their general number) weren’t be able to create their own profile in Google Scholar, and so severely undermined their potential to bettering positioning in the named rating and raising indicator of scientists’ citation.

Key words: profiles Institutional Google Scholar Citation, Webometrics rating, indicator Openness, webometric data, rating of universities Expert RA, rating of universities Interfax.



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