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Peculiarities of spiritual and moral education in Bangalore school, India, and Russian schools

A.V. Ivanov
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A.V. Ivanov is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. at Moscow City Teacher training university



Presented is comparative analysis of the problem of spiritual and moral breeding of younger generation in education systems of both India and Russia. Elaborated are theoretical fundamentals of the system of spiritual valuable breeding in the named countries. Shown are character peculiarities of content, organization and support of the process of spiritual and moral breeding of students, on the one hand, in Indian school (with example of Bangalore school), in Russian innovative schools on the other hand. Also shown is concrete role of school teacher in organization and practical realization of the named process in India. The author’s conclusion is made that experience of spiritual and moral breeding, as well as whole life circle, generated by Bangalore school, could be used successfully in Russian innovative schools, if conditioned by maintaining of historical traditions of Russian education.

Key words: human personalitiy, self-cognition, theoretical foundations of spiritual value education, life goals and spiritual values of person.



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