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From history of the system of education in Turkistan (example of medical education)

G.E. Muminova
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G.E. Muminova is Cand.Sci. (History), senior lecturer at Karshi State University, Uzbekistan



Presented is detailed description of the history of development of the system of training medical cadres in pre-revolution Turkestan and post-revolution Uzbekistan. Described are key problems of the history of formation of medical education in the named region. Also in detail described is the history of development of the system of medical education in concrete cities of Uzbekistan (history of schools for training middle and junior medical staff in Fergana. Kokand, Samarkand and other cities). In particular, characterized are material and technical base, composition and structure of medical high schools, realization of them prevention and treatment of various diseases, practice of training specialists, professor and teaching staff and other aspects of their activity.

Key words: Soviet power, health care, history, education, sanitary and epidemiology offices, material and technical base, institute, prevention, treatment of diseases, school of obstetricians, professor and teaching staff.



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