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Systemic crisis of Russian education: origins, factors and directions of over-coming

E.V. Min’ko, A.E. Min’ko
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E.V. Minko is Dr.Sc. (Commerce), prof. at Sankt Petersburg State University of Airspace Instrumentation; and А.E. Minko is head of Department of Training & Support in AKKA Technologies Group, Toulouse, France, invited professor at the University of Pau

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Presented is analysis of the problem of systemic crisis of education in Russia. In detail analyzed are essence, origins and factors of manifestation of crisis of education. In particular, the authors’ attention is concentrated on the role of legislative (law and normative) regulation basis, shortcomings in which conditioned development of crisis happenings. Described is contribution of Russian and foreign authors to investigation of specificities of the crisis. Determined are possible ways and directions as to overcoming of crisis of education on all levels. Also shown is the role of education in the process of forming innovative technological structure of society. The authors’ conclusion is made about necessity of forestalling development of education with regard to needs of society in the presence of correct planning and steady control at development of that process.

Key words: systemic crisis, education, federal laws about education, analysis of crisis development factors, overcoming of crisis in Russian education, devaluation of educational motivation, technological structure.



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