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Educational hybridization as instrument of modernization of the system of higher education

Vasiliy S. Senashenko, A.A. Makarova
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V.S. Senashenko is Dr.Sc. (Physics & Mathematics), prof. e-mail:; and A.A. Makarova is post-graduate student e-mail:

at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia


Examined is the theme of educational hybridization as instrument of modernization of the system of education. Considered is state and prospects of development of higher education in Russia under new economic conditions of it’s functioning. Noted is, that prevailing direction in the process of reforming of national system of higher education is becoming international context of structural change of foreign educational systems, and also formation of the world educational space. In detail discussed is the phenomenon of hybridization as mechanism of modernizing the system of higher education, as well as convergence of educational systems as more predictable way of renewing of national system of education/

Key words: educational reforms, modernization of the system of higher education system, educational hybridization, convergence of systems of education.



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