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Reforming of the system of higher education in appreciation by university community

I.B. Orlova
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I.B. Orlova is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), prof., head of division of Institute of Socio-Political Researches of RAN head of sub-faculty at Higher School of Modern Social Sciences (Faculty) of Lomonosov Moscow State University.



Elaborated is the theme of appreciation by university community the process of reforming of the system of higher professional education in modern Russia, realizing by the Ministry of education and science of the RF. In that connection the author analyses in detail results of massive sociological questionnaire, taking place at Lomonosov Moscow state university. In detail, presented are appreciations by various circles of university community principal aspects of reforming of the system of higher education, incl. such aspects, as commercialization of knowledge, transformation education into sphere of services, etc. Basing itself on the named aspects, the author makes the conclusion about necessity of correction of the course of reforms, and also defines principal directions of the named correction.

Key words: higher education, reforming, university community, estimation.



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