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Psycho-pedagogical aspects of raising of motivation for physical training in socio-cultural environment of educational institution

A.V. Shamonin, E.A. Suvorova, O.V. Prokhorova, A.V. Melnikova, E.V. Korelina, D.P. Adeymi
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A.V. Shamonin is cand. of Pedagogy, doc., lecturer in physical culture at Odintsovo gymnasium No. 14; E.A. Suvorova is lecturer; O.V. ProkhorovaA.V. Melnikova, and E.V. Korelina are senior lecturers at sub-faculty of game sports; & D.P. Adeymi is senior lecturer at physical training sub-faculty from Institute of physical culture, sports & youth politics at Ural Federal University


Presented is analysis of the problem of psychological pedagogical aspects of raising motivation of students for active training in physical culture and sport under conditions of sociocultural environment of educational institution. Discussed are problems of search of internal reserves of activity of personality in the process of formation of positive attitude towards recreational activity and sport under conditions of modern high school. Determined are basic directions as to raising motivation of students for physical culture in the context of personally oriented approach. The authors’ conclusion is about necessity of individually differentiated approach to students during breeding training sessions. As to the authors, individually differentiated approach in conjunction with compulsory and regular visits into training sessions open possibility for raising the level of general health of students.

Key words: health, physical culture, personally oriented approach, motivation, emotional psychological state.


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