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Olympiads as a tool for formation of creative universal cultural competences of professionals, as well as for evaluation of the level of formation of such

A.I. Popov, E.A. Rakitina
80,00 Р

A.I. Popov is cand. of Pedagogy, doc.;

E.A. Rakitina is doct. of Pedagogy, prof. at

Tambov State Technical University


Discussed are approaches to development and evaluation of creative common cultural competences of students of high schools. As methodological bases by projecting innovative educational technology were used competence and activity approaches. The study identified competences of professional, connected with creative component of professional activity, requiring special conditions of formation and evaluation. Analyzed are reasons of the lack of objective evaluation of creative common cultural competences. Also substantiated is expediency of using of components of Olympiad movement with the aim to form the named competences and their evaluation, as well as proposed are organizational arrangements with describing of methodological approaches, guaranteeing effectiveness of the use Olympiad and other components of the Olympiad movement for formation and evaluation of creative common cultural and professional competences.

Key words: evaluation of results of learning, general cultural competence of expert, Olympiad movement of students, Olympiads.


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