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Prevention of delinquent behavior in students’ midst: experience of sociological analysis

S.L. Talanov, A.M. Volkova
80,00 Р

S.L. Talanov is cand. of Sociology, doc.


A.M. Volkova is student


Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University named after K.D. Ushinsky 

Examined are problems of prevention of delinquent behavior manifestations in students’ midst on the basis of the authors’ sociological analysis in high schools of Central Federal District. Shown is the level of criminality among students of high schools and school persons in subjects of the RF. Also analyzed are opinions of experts as to reasons of delinquent behavior among high schools’ students and school persons, as well as ways of lowering among them of level of criminality. Based on the authors’ sociological analysis, conclusion is made, that it is acknowledged receipt of the hypothesis about growth of convinced among students because of simplification of entrance into the system of higher education. Proposed are concrete measures, aimed at raising of effectiveness of primary prevention of delinquent behavior at high schools.

Key words: delinquent behavior, primary prevention, high school, student groups’ mentors. 


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