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Complete conditions of implementation of technologies of applied scientific activity

M.M. Telemtaev , N.N. Nurakhov
80,00 ₽

M.M. Telemtaev is doct. in Engineering, prof.

G.V. Plekhanov’s Russian University of Economics


N.N. Nurakhov is deputy to head of scientific center at Institute of Professional Administration and Complex Energy Efficiency of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation


Continued is series of works on development of fundamentals of complete technologies of applied scientific activity. Given is modern definition for interpretation of technologies of activity, incl. applied scientific activity. Developed is elaboration of fourteen principles of implementation of technologies of scientific activity. The named principles are elaborated on the basis of complete approach. Demonstrated is possibility of using complete-triad models and the process of achieving goal. As mostly important, marked are principles of univocal correspondence, enrichment, technologization, technological effectiveness, coordinated development. Also formed is complex of principles for integral implementation of technologies of scientific activity, applicable to detailed description of both each of technologies of scientific activity and each part of these technologies, and totality of technologies of applied scientific activity.

Key words: completness, completics, technology, scientific activity, principle, triad, complete approach, model. 


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