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Ideals of humanism and humanitarian knowledge as basis of stable development of society

V.A. Meider
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V.A. Meider is doct. in Philosophy, prof. at Volgograd State University


Attempt is made by the author to make known essence theoretical characteristics of the definitions of “humanism” and “humanitarian knowledge”, and also to determine their bearers, substantiating with that the author’s hypothesis, that those are necessary condition of stable development of society. Also elaborated are modern educational tendencies, that are forming certain societies in the process of humanization and liberalization of education. The author makes a conclusion, that new ecological realities and moral problems, originating from modern technologies, as well as economic and political crisis throw down a challenge of planetarium scale, response to which might be obtained only within the framework of international cooperation on the basis of new form of humanism, humanitarian knowledge and inter-cultural dialog of scientists.

Key words: principle of “challenge-and-response”, humanism, humanitarian knowledge, spiritual culture, education, humanization and liberalization of education, intelligence, personality of pedagogue. 


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