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Peculiarities in forming process of Russian character

I.A. Fedoseeva
80,00 Р

I.A. Fedoseeva is doct. in Pedagogy, prof. at Novosibirsk State Pedagogical University



Substantiated is actuality of the problem of Russian character. Presented is terminological analysis of the notions of “character” and “national character”, their influence on forms of socio-cultural behavior. Examined are peculiarities in forming process of Russian national character, and also given is analysis of the notions of “patriotism” and “conciliaritism” as features of Russian national character. Revealed are basic contradictions of Russian national character. On the basis of detailed analysis of the problem the author makes a conclusion that peculiarities of Russian national character are concealed in historical destiny of Russian people, their patrimonial memory, imprinted on national socio-cultural genome. In the author’s opinion, where the Russian has walked, was he creator of Google search system, or founder of biggest cosmetology corporation, or of producer of brand clothing, or does his bit into development of world culture, everywhere revealed themselves manifestations of his national character.

Key words: character, national character, spirituality, patriotism, conciliaism, orthodoxy.



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