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Origins of Russian political science

A.S. Zabolotnaya
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A.S. Zabolotnaya is cand. of Philosophy, senior lecturer at Southern Federal University


Elaborated is philosophical and conceptual aspect of research work by outstanding Russian thinker N.M. Karamzin. Shown is the content of conception of state power, formulated by the thinker, in which the author defined theoretical origins of Russian political science. Also analyzed is understanding by Karamzin of power ideal in monarchic Russia, distinctive national institutions, attitude to social transformations in the country in the 19th century. Also shown is formulated by Karamzin importance of maintaining of historical continuity and national traditions as integral elements of the model of political development of the country. Emphasized is contribution of Karamzin in conception of compromise between European philosophy and principles of monarchic power. Conclusion is made that the thinker made important contribution into interpretation of political way of Russia, formulated ideas for formation and further development of official ideology of the country.

Key words: political science, revolution from above, national character, nationality, historicism, official ideology.