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V.G. Sadkov, D.V. Aronov, P.N. Mashegov. From evaluation of effectiveness of institutions of higher education into formation in Russia of multi-leveled system of monitoring quality and effectiveness of education. P.82-88

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V.G. Sadkov is doct. in Economy, prof.,


D.V. Aronov is doct. in History, prof. at State University — Education Science Production Complex


P.N. Mashegov is doct. in Economy, prof. at Orel State University



Presented is detailed analysis of the situation, prevailing in management in higher education of Russia as to the sphere of formation of the system of indicators, used to determine ranking of concrete university. The authors propose integral concept of forming multi-leveled monitoring system of quality of education in the system of “college lecturer — high school — ministry”. The author’s version of the system of criteria evaluation of quality and effectiveness of concerted action of high schools and Ministry of education and science of RF. Conclusion is made, that namely system of education plays decisive role in purposeful, effective and stable development of the country, that is determined by the presence of perspective conceptual model of society, integral system of laws, as well as effective structure of organs of state administration and competent administrative personal.

Key words: monitoring of high educational institutions, system of indicators, quality of education, effectiveness of education. 


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