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V.I. Levin. About remarkable book-research in history of logic. P. 107-113

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 V.I. Levin is doct. in Engineering, prof. at Penza State Technological University


Analyzed is content of freshly published in USA book on history of logic, analytical philosophy and philosophy of science. The topic of discussion is collective monograph Logic in Central and Eastern Europe. Discussed are rich content and encyclopedic nature of the named monograph. In detail are traced and analyzed two global historical periods in development of the science of logic in Europe, i.e. imperial and after-imperial. Accentuated is significant influence of scientists of Eastern and Central Europe on development of corresponding scientific researches across the world. Emphasized is that the monograph is efficient scientific source as to history of logic, analytical logic and philosophy of science of all countries. Also registered is that there aren’t such researches in Russia yet, in connection with what, as emphasized by the author, “expedient is to translate the reviewed book into Russian language”.

Key words: logic, analytical philosophy, philosophy and history of science, Eastern and Central Europe. 


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