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Innovative development as challenge for science and education

V.I. Razumov
80,00 Р


V.I. Razumov is doct. in Philosophy, prof., head of sub-faculty at F.M. Dostoevsky’s Omsk State University


Analyzed is the problem of delayed-innovative development of Russia. The author tries to answer the question, why up to now innovations didn’t become the factor, which determines the strategy of development of the country. The author’s opinion is, that science and education in Russia, exposed to serious bureaucratic transformation, up to now haven’t created needed cultural base for society’s transformation into innovative epoch. As to transformation in that phase the country is in need of new intellectual technologies. In connexion with that the author examined social sub-systems and new intellectual technologies, able to be moderators for transformation into the epoch of innovative development. In particular proposed are categorical system methodology, theory of dynamic information systems and organizational activity game Insafing. Also analyzed is experience of development of such in concrete high schools.

Key words: innovations, Insafing, intellectual technologies, categorical system methodology, science, education, theory of dynamic information systems. 


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