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Problem of designing of basic educational programs of higher education, taking into account requirements of quality management systems

M.Yu. Osipov
80,00 Р

M.Yu. Osipov is PhD, senior researcher at

Institute of Jurisprudence & Administration,

All-Russian Police Association



Examined is the problem of designing of basic educational programs in modern conditions, i.e. one of the most actual problems facing modern education. Analyzed are peculiarities in projecting of professional educational programs in accordance with requirements of quality management system. Conclusion is made, that use of quality management systems allows more effectively to design basic educational programs. Also presented is optimal technology for formation and evaluation of competences, provided by federal state educational standards. As to the author, such technology would be able to afford more effective implementation of basic educational programs, and so assisting raising quality of higher education.

Key words: basic education programs, higher education, requirements for projecting, quality management systems.



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