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Academic writing and pedagogical activity of bachelor

V.N. Bazylev
80,00 Р


V.N. Bazylev is doct. in Philology, prof. at Moscow State Pedagogical University


Shown is status of academic writing as discipline in university system of educational planning. Discussed are objectives of training in academic writing, and ways of organization of learning material. Described is the process of work over seizing of academic writing, as well as it’s methodological modeling is elaborated. Proposed is linear arranging of academic writing from bachelorship to post-graduate study, shown is structure of such work. The author’s conclusion is that work over academic writing is important component of scientific research and pedagogical process, socially significant activity of student, becoming more self-oriented and independent. By that, in the author’s opinion, transition from professional training activity to professional activity is happened and completed.

Key words: academic writing, competency, learning material, teaching process. 


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