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Impact of information culture on education in modern society (social-philosophical analysis)

S.B. Shitov
80,00 Р

S.B. Shitov is doct. in Philosophy, prof. at

Moscow State University of Technology “STANKIN”


Analyzed is phenomenon of information culture, as well as it’s impact on educational process. Noted is that informatization of modern culture presents itself as multiple sociocultural process, which stimulates continuous scientific and technical updating of society, and also transforms forms and orientation of socialization and education of individual, influencing on the whole vital world of both personality and society. Given is detailed definition of the notion of “innovative education”. Such one is interpreted by the author as purposeful process of innovative breeding and training of person, as well as self-organization cognitive activity by student through development of his individuality, resulted of which is formation of creative abilities and skills for professional self-education and self-perfection, enabling to gain knowledge and experience for living and professional activity in society.

Key words: information culture, education, society, social life.


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