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Some words as to lecturing in philosophy

V.N. Zhukov
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V.N. Zhukov is doct. in Philosophy, prof. at

State University of Management


Presented is detailed analysis of the process of lecturing in the course of philosophy in Russian high school. Special attention by the author is paid to modern peculiarities of lecturing of the named discipline in high school, in what connexion are elaborated basic characteristic shortages of such. In the author’s opinion, basic shortages of philosophical educational process are in the fact, that with lecturing in philosophy nobody haven’t to do as with the process of simply “granting informational services” to student, because namely such attitude is resulted in development of vulgar mechanistic and informational consumer thinking, alien the spirit of philosophy. In connexion with that by the author proposed is conception of new type of lecturing in philosophy in high school, that is based on following historical logic of development of the subject.

Key words: philosophy, lecturing in philosophy, information, objectivity of the truth, natural scientific and humanitarian knowledge