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Illustrative images of visual thinking in training of students at high school

V.I. Zhukovsky, M.V. Tarasova
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V.I. Zhukovsky is doct. in Philisophy, prof.;

M.V. Tarasova is cand. of Philosophy, doc. at Siberian Federal University


Studying is illustrative image as product of visual thinking, which plays very important role in the process of training at high school. Presented is research in cognitive qualities and visual thinking functions, that, as emphasized by the authors, allows to understand essence of the process of thinking. Stated is, that creative demands of students’ age, connecting with construct schemes of visual thinking, are transforming illustrative images into most adequate educational instruments, incl. higher professional education. Conclusion is made about importance of using of active methods of visual thinking, determined by the fact that nowadays difficult is to imagine modern society without audio-visual culture, becoming inseparable part of human being, assisting development of raising thinking at more high levels.

Key words: visual thinking, higher education, students’ age, type of activity, structure, illustrativeness, image thinking, illustrative image, educational training. 


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