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Raising of progress in studies and limit of “satisfactory” mark by competence aim laying

A.A. Dorofeev
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A.A. Dorofeev is doct. in Pedagogy, cand. of Engineering, prof. at 

N.E. Bauman’s Moscow State Technical University


Presented is the author’s variant for lowering of acuteness of the problem of preservation of quality of training young specialists as to enlarge diapason of initial phase of training of the contingent of students by means of more correct definition of limit of permissible minimal academic progress in studies at primary courses. As condition of evaluation of progress in studies at level “satisfactory” under inclusive education without lowering level of final requirements examined is acquisition of necessary and sufficient for continuing of education integral instrumental competence as to based specialty as ability, know-how and readiness to carrying-out of tasks with subject content of another specialty. Proposed are some variants for realization of that approach by training of engineer in science capacious specialties. Conclusion is made, that procedurally professional competence presented itself as result of system integration of acquired knowledge, know-how and skills in the process of socialized educational productive activity of student.

Key words: inclusive education, engineering education, basic disciplines, activity approach, competency, evaluation of progress in studies, the Matthew effect. 


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