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Student freelancer as a social type

V.S. Kharchenko, S.S. Pulkina
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V.S. Kharchenko is cand. of Sociology, senior lecturer E-mail:

S.S. Pulkina is bachelor E-mail:

Ural State Pedagogical University 

Presented is the author’s analysis of specific process of combining by students education at high school with freelance (free-time employment). Described are motives of freelance self-employment by students. Shown is, that freelance as form of employment becomes more popular among the Russians, and freelancers present themself as laborers of new type, being the embodiment of not only the spirit of information society, but also of important characteristics of professional of post-industrialism. On the basis of secondary data analysis of online surveys and interviews with students identified are reasons for using of freelance as secondary employment. Also described are basic qualities of freelancer, generating in the process of combining of study and work, that in future opens possibility of successful placing in a job. Conclusion is made about necessity of further research of problematic, initiated by the authors.

Key words: freelance, education, freelancer, working students, secondary employment, student freelancer, labor market, higher education, employment, job. 


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