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Value of Chinese traditional cultural spirit in modern society

Shuying Zhao, Ling Peng, Weiming Lu
80,00 ₽


Shuying Zhao,

post-doctor of philosophic sciences and culturology

School of Humanities and Social Sciences,


Ling Peng,

doctor of culturology and history

School of foreign languages


Weiming Lu,

professor of philosophic sciences and culturology

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Xi’an Jiaotong University 

Analyzed is the problem of traditional culture spirit in modern society. As to cultural spirit, it refers to the summation of the dominant values and behavioral features of the national culture of a country. One of the important principles of methodology for studying the cultural issue is to study the cultural spirit of concrete country. The authors analyzed the named phenomenon on the basis of Chinese traditional cultureal spirit as to it’s influence on modern society. The fundamental spirit of Chinese traditional culture mainly includes four aspects, it is namely: firstly, being people-oriented, secondly, attaching importance to morality and righteousness, thirdly, being impartial and valuing harmony, and fourthly, stressing practical rationality. To make use of the Chinese traditional culture creatively has significant values for the development of modern society. The authors’ conclusion is that the spirit of Chinese traditional culture can well serve the society after being filled with modern ideas.

Key words: cultural spirit, harmonious society, traditional Chinese culture.