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M.G. Masilova. Motivation of professional activity of lecturers of high schools under conditions of modernization of higher professional education. Some results from longitude questionnaire at VGUES

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M.G. Masilova is cand. of Sociology, doc. at

Vladivostok State University of Economics & Service


       Presented is analysis of dynamics of changes in the motivation of professional work of lecturers of high schools under conditions of modernization of higher education, that occurred over the last 10 years. As a result of research, elaborated are changes in both structure of motivation and hierarchy of motives, as well as different level of satisfaction of professors and lecturers of various aspects of professional activity. Established is it’s dependence on age, length of professional service and duty position, peculiarity of the system of values and motives of professional activity, as well as influence of material rewards for achievements in work on motivation. Substantiated is the necessity of improving the system of management of motivation, based on account of revealed features of motivational sphere of the faculty staff. The article is of interest to researchers and practice scholars in the sphere of university management.

       Key words: professors and lecturing staff, motivation of professional activity, motivational structure, professional roles of lecturer, system of motivation and stimulation, interview. 


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