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A.K. Chaldanbaeva. Methodic for formation of special competences of future teachers of biology at high school of pedagogic direction

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 A.K. Chaldanbaeva is cand. of Biology, doc. at I. Arabaev Kyrgyz State University



       Investigated is the problem of methodical provision of the process of formation of special competencies, realizing in the process of training of teachers of biology under conditions of transition of higher school onto two-leveled educational system. The author analyzed educational programs of various high schools, guaranteeing training of future teachers in biology according to elaborated on competence basis state standards as to direction of training “Natural scientific education”, profile “Biology”. Presented is structure of methodic for formation of special competences with elaboration of criteria of technology of the named process. The author’s conclusion is made, that realization of presented methodic in the process of studying during all kinds of practice would enhance the level of formation of special competences and raising quality of educational process as a whole.

       Key words: competence approach, competence, competency, special competence, teacher of biology.



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