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A.I. Schtscherbakova. Pedagogics of art in a dialogue with time

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 A.I. Schtcherbakovа is doct. in Pedagogy, doct. in Culturology, prof.

Russian State Social University



       Presented is analytical research of most important problem of achieving harmony in the system of “Person vs. World”, to what constantly turn attention philosophers and culturologists, sociologists and psychologists. To this problem also addresses itself the system of education, designed to breed a person, ready to implement it’s artistic mission in the space of culture. The paper analyzes pedagogical potential of art, as well as necessity of acquiring knowledge, i.e. feelings, contributing to implementation of constructive dialogue in contemporary cultural space. The author’s conclusion is made, that in modern conditions the unity of personal and global presents itself as a fundament, on which social architecture is being build, at all times measured by person’s dimension. Unity of personal and global, states the author, is a new circuit in development of person and mankind.

       Key words: arts, pedagogics, personal, global, knowledge, feelings, dialogue.



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