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K.V. Zorin. Humanization of higher medical education. Dialog between past and present

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 K.V. Zorin is cand. of Medicine, doc. at Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry



       Examined are problems of deontological educational breeding and spiritual and moral culture in the process of education at medical high school. Characterized is the notion of “morality” as the basis of professionalism of a physician. Shown is interconnexion between spiritual and moral competence and professional training of Physician. Analyzed is the most global problem of higher medical education, i.e. the problem of establishing necessary conditions as to moral and spiritual development of each student, equally significant for all sub-faculties of medical high schools. Substantiated is necessity for breeding in medical students spiritual and moral competence, reflective position, conscience, compassion, readiness for self-education and realization of intellectual and scientific-practical potential, acquired at high school. Conclusion is made, that strategically higher medical school ought to be oriented towards training of not only physician specialist, but physician professional, i.e. expert of medical art.

       Key words: professional medical education, spiritual and moral culture of physician, moral and educational activity of physician, deontology, bioethics, humanization.



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