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Methodical work in the system of management of organization and basic directions of it’s development under modern conditions. Experience of Volgograd State Technical University

I.L. Gonik, A.V. Fetisov, O.V. Yurova, A.V. Tekin
80,00 Р

I.L. Gonik is cand. of Engineering, doc., vice-rector


A.V. Fetisov is cand. of Engineering, doc., head of educational methodological directorate


O.V. Yurova is cand. of Sociology, doc., head of educational methodological department


A.V. Tekin is senior lecturer, head of department of management of quality of education


Volgograd State Technical University


       Analyzed are changes, taking place in content of work, functions and role of methodological administrations in the system of management of educational organizations. Attention is paid to innovative tasks, which transform methodical activity onto the level of strategic activities of universities. Such tasks demand more efficiency from operative solutions, as well as special requirements to experts in the field of methodical work. Methodical support and organization of this type of work is regarded as one of key elements of effectiveness of management in educational process. Simultaneously, quality of methodical work in educational organization depends on many components, incl. the system of stimulation of the named kinds of activity at all levels. Also presented is concrete accumulated experience of organization and stimulation of methodical work in Volgograd State Technical University.

       Key words: educational and scientific methodical work, management in educational process, system of management in high school, quality of education, stimulation of professors teaching staff.



1.    Gonik, I.L., Podlesnov, V.N., Androsyuk, E.R., Fetisov, A.V. Methodological work at VolgGTU for 80 years // Izvestia of Volgograd state technical university. Ser. “Problems of social-humanitarian knowledge”. — Vol. 8. — No. 7. — P. 7–13.

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