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Teaching means self-position in the world. Part 2. Pedagogy does not become “moment of truth” as it is always in search of “assured correct result”

L.I. Lurie
80,00 Р

L.I. Lurie is doct. in Pedagogy, prof., principal of MBGEI “Liceum No. 1” of the city of Perm



       Presented is the analysis of the problem of ways of improving educational and breeding activity, opening possibility of finding mechanisms of achievement of qualitative results of availability of mechanisms of understanding of educational materials, picturesqueness and creativity of thinking. Attention is paid to such type of educational breeding activity, as abstract. Noted is that abstract reflects both individual vision of teacher of lecturing material, and personal qualities of students, forming optimal and effective way of education, corresponding with conditions of developing of educational process. Going that way, the teacher is in search of “moment of truth”, that is hidden behind smooth correct construction of textbook texts. Thanks to that, in the author’s opinion, main idea having absorbing heuristic value is being self-realized, simultaneously with emerging of synergistic force of flight of thought.

       Key words: pedagogy, education, paradigm, cultural orientation of education, spirituality.


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